objectives  Objectives contd


  • To improve the earning capacity of women and girls and to widen the choice of both immediate and/or self employment.
  • To develop an understanding of the "production process" based on indigenous technology.
  • To offer opportunities for women and girls to discover new interests and develop according to their fulfillment and for the benefit of society. 



  • To acquire a scientific outlook to life and work
  • To develop an appreciation of human behavior and relationships
  • To train for immediate employment and Self employment
  • To train students to be conversant with actual work situation
  • To provide adequate practical skill training for the acquisition of skills relative to manpower needs
  • To motivate students to improve their general performance




  1. All new entrants are admitted as being on trial for the first year at the Institute. Continuation at the Institute will depend on satisfactory work and conduct.
  2. Students are expected to make maximum attendance throughout the year as part of their course requirement and in any case not less than 85%
  3. In cases of serious illness and/or hospitalization this must be supported by a medical certificate by a recognized Medical Practitioner
  4. Students are required to be punctual at all times both in attendance and for class work
  5. A term's notice or a term's fee in lieu thereof is required of any student wishing to discontinue training
  6. The principal reserves the right to institute any disciplinary measure she deems fit, on any student who is guilty of serious misconduct. Misconduct includes any action that is likely to be detrimental to the moral or material welfare of any other student
  7. There is provision within the 3 pronged programmes for students to transfer to another programme.
  8. Each student must possess the specified textbooks and material
  9. Students are required to participate in the extra curricular activities of the Institute
  10. English is the medium of communication and should be used at all times.